Forro in the Dark w/ David Byrne – Asa Branca

*Link enviado pelo Túlio Araújo, de Belo Horizonte – MG.

“Forro is a native music of Northern Brazil. Roughly translated it means ‘love’ and/or ‘for all’.
The music was brought to us over at Nublu, the Ave. C music hub of the LES, by band leader Mauro Refosco nearly 5 years ago. It was then this traditional folk-styled music of their homeland reached the ears of the New York nightlife. What started as a Brazilian birthday party became a sweat inducing dance party that has lasted almost every week of now 4 years! Now with the launch of Nublu Records, and special appearances from famous musicians including David Byrne, Miho Hatori (of Ciba Matto), and Brazilian songstress Bebel Gilberto, Forro in the Dark is steadily introducing the genre across the globe. This video featuring David Byrne was produced & directed by one of the many great artists we house over at Nublu, Karina Correa. “

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Somos uma rede filantrópica colaborativa de colecionadores e músicos.

Uma comunidade que se conheceu e se comunica virtualmente, unidos em torno de uma paixão comum, o forró tradicional.

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